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Farewell Poe Wovens

December 15, 2016

  Poe Wovens is closing. That sentence has weighed heavy on my heart for some time now. So much has happened in the babywearing industry over the last three years, both in the United States and abroad. Many factors went into our decision not to release new designs in 2017. The most obvious being that the babywearing market has shifted. There has been a wave of new companies entering the market, which is both fabulous and not so fabulous. A flooded market tends to drive prices down. In short, decreased demand coupled with increasing costs lead to a fiscally bleak outlook.   The second reason, is not so obvious or public, and that is by design. Before holding the title...

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Babywearing Made Beautiful: Rebekah's Story

September 08, 2016

We bear children at many different life stages, but the bond of motherhood connects us all. This series, Babywearing Made Beautiful, seeks to address some of the issues, commonalities of the motherhood (and/or fatherhood) journey, as well as to help shed some light on the many beautiful aspects of babywearing, mothering, (note: Poe knows father's babywear too, though we might change the moniker to "handsome" for dad's!), and how the two have mingled. We will be interviewing women, (if you're a babywearing dad interested in this project, we would love to interview you, please email us!), of various ages from all over the world.Today's story comes to us from Rebekah, a beautiful mom, as well as a daily and multi-generational...

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Guest Blog Post: Poe Wovens Kerchief Petunia Ring Sling Review

August 30, 2016

I just want to start with, I am so excited to talk about Kerchief Peony! Rumors and teasers of a classic kerchief inspired design started surfacing a little over a year ago and since that time I have been on a mission to have a little piece of it for myself and now that I have it I want you all to try it as well. The color and pattern is undeniable--it is vibrant and electric, and shimmers in the light thanks to the two stands of pink used to create this masterpiece. This is a mature pink that stands on its own instead of being a “girl version” for the Navy Kerchief.  I think it is important to note...

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Guest Blog Post: Poe Wovens Jonquils Aurora Ring Sling Review

August 19, 2016

At first glance, it sure does catch your eye. The shimmer and shine with all the sunset-like colors just blend and mix to make something to unique! I had a hard time staying focused in church when I had the  traveling wrap on the seat next to me, I kept finding another shade or hue of color that I hadn’t seen before. I was so sad when it had to move on to the next tester. Now that we have the ring sling (which is reversible! so awesome!) I can choose the “right “ side which is mostly blue or the “wrong” side which has more of the orange/pink/sunset in Maui color scheme.  Husband friendly colors as well, especially blue (right)...

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