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It has been entirely too long since my last blog post. I have been incredibly busy these last few months curating a local supply chain, taking a business class, doing community service, mothering my brood, and last but not least: product development!

Yes, that's right, the first Poésie Tissée strike-offs wraps off the loom will be landing on my doorstep within the next week. My friend from the mill tells me that there are some surprises in the packages; a few extra colorways and two fabric weights to choose from, (one medium weight and one a heavier weight). Here is a little sneak peak at our Harlequin gems...

*These samples en route will not be the testers, only samples. The testers will arrive at a later date. 

Upon the testers arrival, these beauties will be whisked away to our finishers at Vermont Bosna Cutting, for cutting, serging and hemming! Our wraps will arrive pre-tumbled from the mill, a process which helps to soften the loom state fabric and will almost eliminate the "breaking in" period all together. The next stop in their journey will be Shelburne Farms, (weather permitting), for our photo-shoot! We are still looking for Vermont babywearing models, so please sign up if you are interested!

The next day our little lovelies will be packaged up and shipped off to our two testers lists. "Tester A", will be traveling in the United States, Austraila and New Zealand, and its sister, "Tester B", will be traveling to Canada, the UK and Europe. This is our first go at the tester parade, so hopefully the traveling and post runs smoothly.

I look forward to reading reviews and seeing pictures! And when my babies return, I will treasure the stories within each journal which accompanied the wraps along their travels. (I have asked the wrap testers in this list to sign a "guest book", and include a little something like a story, name, place or residence, thoughts on the wrap, first impressions, last impressions), for the Poésie Tissée archives. I already know there will be many tears shed upon reading these...  

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November 10, 2013

Yes, info@poesietissee.com or fill out the contact form on the “contact” page of our website.


November 08, 2013

Is there an email address you have so I can ask you questions? Thanks.

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