The Evolution of a "Stash Shot"

Though I wore all five of my children, it wasn't until daughter number four, that I ever had in my possesion more than one baby carrier at a time. It's safe to say that I didn't even know what a stash shot was, or what a "stash" was, unless you were talking about Bert Renyolds and that push broom above his upper lip.

Note: Stash = Collection of Baby Carriers, Fluff or Fluff mail = Baby Carriers, and recieveing said Carriers in the mail. Also note that this terminology also applies to cloth diapers.

Then baby number five came along. Before Beau even arrived on the scene I had already accumulated:

  1. Padded slinglings pouch sling
  2. Beco Butterfly II
  3. Sleepy Wrap (now "Boba Wrap")

And carried over from before was a Zolowear ring sling, and a Maya Tie from my older sister. I was ready, and "over fluffed" by my past standards. 

However, from the first moment I decided I wanted to purchase my first woven wrap, I have been drawn to the beautiful "stash shots" shared in various babywearing forums. I just love seeing those perfectly folded piles of fabric; either sorted by color, size or fabric blend. And i wanted a little "stash" of my own, though much to my husband's dismay, it didn't stay um, exactly small for very long...

The stash shot is fun, a way to express one's self, perhaps rivlaed only by the "action shot" or babywearing selfie. Though without a professional photographer, the later two are rarely much to write home about for me. So how to disply your lovelies? To pile them up high, or long and wide? To take the photogrash straigt on or at an angle? Indoor or natural lighting? Full sun or partial shade? In the snow or served up on a platter? (see above..)

And how to fold them? In half, thirds, rolled up like a jelly roll? I had no idea, and honestly, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just like family photos these days get mor unique with each season, so too has the baby carrier stash shot evolved over time, from month to month, person to person, and often place to place. 

One thing is for certain, whether big, huge, obscenely huge, monochromatic, rainbow hued, medium, teeny, tiny or even numbring only one, I love them all.

You can learn alot about a women from her stash shot, perhaps even more so than from teh contents of her purse. I love noticing the color trends, pattern repeats, and even the backdrop--hard wood floors, rustic bench, bedroom carpet, Radio Flyer wagon.

Below is quick slideshow of mine, enjoy! (Photo credit for the horizontal banner style shots goes to Amy Guidice, local photographer, friend and fellow MOPS mom.)

Stash Shot from Poe Wovens of Vermont on Vimeo.

How do you take your stash shots? Weekly/monthly? Indoor/outdoor? Share with us in the comments below!!

Also, stay tuned for our next post, which will answer the age old question, "How do you fold a woven wrap?"

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