"Mom we want to go see Zootopia today!"

I have over 20 orders to ship. The kids are out of school for some unknown reason. They want to go see a matinee. The mailman comes at 1:00pm. How can I make everyone happy? 

Let's go pack up some wraps kids! While my teenager busily worked on homework, I proposed a bargain with my younger brood: help mama with packing wraps, and we can go the movies. 

We hadn't done a project together in a while, so it was fun. Abigail and Beau were on box duty. Vanessa was my box closer upper and taper. Laila was in charge of matching shipping labels to packing slips. Mom packed wraps and double checked orders. Every packing slip was signed by myself each of the kiddos. #MomWin



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