Spring Brings Slings!

So, we announced some changes...

In our most recent Newsletter, we announced some pretty big changes happening at Poe Wovens, the biggest being that we will no longer be selling woven wraps, and instead will be offering Ring Slings. 

We are very excited about our ring slings and will update on our Facebook Page, in our Fan Group, and via our Newsletter over the course of the next few weeks. 

*Tentative* Release Date for Ring Slings

All Designs/Colorways will be released on Monday April 11th, 2016 @ 12:00pm EDT (see below for complete list of designs and colorways)

The Scoop on Ring Slings

  • Slings will be cut & sewn in New England.
  • Slings will ship from Vermont. 
  • Slings will feature large, aluminum, silver rings from our friends at SlingRings.com.
  • Shoulder will be a simple gathered shoulder.
  • Tail of slings will be blunt. 
  • Slings will be offered in one size, M/L.

17 Designs/Colorways to be included in Release

  • Herringbone in the following: Raspberry, Orange, Vermont, River, Navy, Violet, Granite and Taupe. 
  • Kerchief in the following: Peony, Kelly, Turquoise, Navy and Petunia. 
  • Jonquils Aurora
  • Recon Carbon
  • Sapling Birch
  • Greco Sage

(sneak peaks coming soon!)

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