Dress A Girl Around The World

It's not often that a community service project comes along that checks all the boxes for an American textile based small business. Panton Community Baptist Church hosting a sew-in for Dress A Girl Around the World did just that. (Fabric-check, Family-check, Friends-check, Up-cycling-check, Empowering girls across the globe-check!)

"Dress a Girl Around the World provides patterns, ways to be involved and opportunities for you to deliver or to help fund the delivery of dresses to girls around the world.People from all over are forming groups and sewing simple sun dresses for Hope 4 Women International. There are teams and partners distributing these dresses around the world. 

To date we've delivered over 300,000 dresses to 81 countries. See the list of countries under our home tab.

People from all States, Canada, Uganda, the UK, Philippines, Australia, Sweden, Costa Rica, South Africa, Germany, Norway, Okinawa, Japan, and Hong Kong continue to make dresses. Together we really are dressing the girls around the world."

I was looking forward to this event so much as I was planning to make a dress out of Poe Wovens fabric scraps. Though my sewing skills aren't much to write home about, I knew I would be surrounded by textile gurus galore. Additionally, not only was this to be a church event, but a family affair as well, since my Mother and four Daughters were planning to attend as well. 

These are the dresses sewn by my family, my mom added the finishing touches, (lace, pockets). 

Be sure to see of there's a Dress A Girl Around The World event happening near you! If not, please consider organizing one!

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