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Last month I had the pleasure of attending a Center for Babywearing Studies (CBWS) Certified Consultant Training, held at Grow in Northampton, Mass.  The class was taught by seasoned babywearing consultant Joanna McNeilly.

A perpetual student, I am always ready to soak up more babywearing knowledge and improve my skills. This course was amazing. I learned so much and met so many wonderful ladies.

There were so many great take-away points from this training but there were two that struck me the most.  First, when acting as a consultant, our goal is not to be thought of as an expert, but to expertly guide and assist mother and child in their babywearing journey and ultimately foster the strengthening of the parent-child bond.  Second was the importance of safety with babies under twelve weeks of age, especially the need for the mother to reposition the baby after breastfeeding in a carrier. 

 "I believe it very helpful for new families who want to carry their child to have access to hands on help.  The consultants who train with me take to heart the idea that they are assisting a new family on their individual journey.  Coming from her personal strengths, Nancy will be such a blessing and resource for her community.   Nancy was a great asset to our class and her input and unique voice taught me many things as well"  - Joanna McNeilly

If you have a heart for carrying on the wonderful tradition of babywearing via education or consulting, or if you simply want to build upon your existing babywearing skills, I highly recommend CBWS.

Joanna was one of the founding members of the board of directors of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, (BCIA) has done over 4000 individual babywearing consultations, and has conducted numerous group sessions over the years with CBWS.

  • Joanna started her babywearing adventure like so many others - in a babywearing group and was grateful for the leader’s dedication and volunteer work.  She decided to become a leader herself.
  • Joanna worked for years in NYC's leading Babywearing store, the first of its kind for NY.  She was there daily doing free classes and consultations.
  • Joanna studied with the well-renowned Die Trageschule Dresden, a German babywearing school that has been around for almost 20 years.
  • Joanna saw through that training that her vision of babywearing consultants working all across North America was absolutely possible.
  • Joanna realized that in order to be fully dedicated and focused on education she would need to leave the world of sales, so with a heavy heart but hopeful soul she broke away from retail to focus entirely on education.
  • Joanna pours all she knows about people, babywearing, and even sales into creating a fun, interactive, and professional curriculum.  A curriculum that is versatile enough to work for beginners and seasoned professionals as well.

Yay me!

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