Penned Words. A Voice Heard.


A new adventure this has been.
Loving, learning every minute.
Thankful for each and every friend.
An opportunity to live it:

My dream, to start this company
Making fabulous baby wraps.
American ingenuity
Keeps local, our supply chain map,

And quality craftsmanship makes
A standard, not the exception.
While fastidious design takes
A team of talented artists, a fusion

Of experience and insight,
And heaps of imagination.
But that is only half the fight
Of a small business creation.

Compliance, logistics and such.
Paperwork, finance, marketing,
The occasional business lunch,
And a large dose of networking.

Plus a million other little things.
That go into giving life to
A dream. From an idea, hope springs
Into substance. And faith clears the view.

Of a strong woman empowered,
To challenge the status quo,
Demand that her voice would be heard,
And in the process steadily grow.

Sometimes we must fight stagnation
As well as negativity
From within as well as around us
And press on, to hear the symphony

Through the blaring background noise,
Regain focus and composure
With one’s dignity and poise,
Vision refined and goal secure.

Sincerely; a doting mother,
Loyal friend, and sister,
Proud Veteran, farmer’s wife
And indebted daughter.


Written by Nancy Sunderland


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