What will the future hold?

What lies ahead?

How will this story unfold? 

July 3rd, 2013 was the day Poésie Tissée began. One day shy of Independence Day. That was over nine months ago now. So much has happened. Many roadblocks and set backs were met and overcome. Much progress has been made.

Frustratingly, our first release was delayed for three months for various supply, production and logistical reasons. Thankfully however, we are now poised for an April release, (unless we should have another snowpocalypse of a Nor’easter between now and then)!

Summer seems so very far away, in the midst of an especially harsh New England winter, all the more reason to reminisce on the humble beginnings, events and milestones which dot dot the landscape of this start up.

From the joy of seeing our first strike-off, and little Beau photo-bombing, to discouraging setbacks and delays. We sure have come a long way, and look forward to the path ahead!


Poésie Tissée: a look back from Nancy Sunderland on Vimeo.






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