Oh Basket!

I love baskets. I can't seem to make it through TJ Maxx or Ikea without buying one. They come in just about any shape, size, color and material you can imagine. They are the perfect catch-all organizational accessory. Grouping like-items, and plopping them in a basket gives me a sense of accomplishment of proportions I am almost embarrassed to admit. 

I have frilly floral-lined baskets from my Longeberger phase, I have sturdy rattan baskets in my closet for jog bras and capris, teeny baskets for pencils and pens, brightly colored plastic baskets in the craft cupboard, I give my children baskets for their toys, nick-knacks and various tchotchkes, fair-trade bamboo baskets from Nepal holding spare change, banana leaf baskets from Africa cradling a few pastel tape measures, and most recently, a few few dozen Swedish vinyl baskets to house woven wraps from our first collection.  

I can't tell you the joy experienced in finally receiving these finished woven wraps, inspecting, folding and packaging them, and lovingly placing them each in its designated basket. And next month they will house and protect a new myriad of woven rainbow hues and textures. 

Somehow these diverse and darling storage containers do more than organize and compartmentalize our belongings. I find that the aesthetic they provide, and act of designating a home for our items, by categorizing and placing our "stuff" inside them, brings a sense of accomplishment and clarity.

Stay tuned for what treasures will be hiding in our baskets in the months to come!

Here is a hint to one of our designs: 

To keep the dust out, wipe away a tear, or hold back your hair, these symmetric beauties are well suited for bikers, cowboys and the pollen afflicted.

Now if only I could get my children to put the toys back in the baskets...

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April 13, 2014

Oh pretty! I’m thinking handkerchief inspired ;-D I can only imagine the colors your bins will be filled with. Red, yellow????

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