Ginger Ale Float

My maternal grandmother was born in 1901 in Quebec City, Canada. Her maiden name was Ernestine Paradis. She and my grandfather, Levi, struggled with infertility and repeated miscarriages for the first 10 years of their young marriage. After much prayer and heartbreak, they decided to adopt my aunt Pauline. Within the next twenty years she would go on to have five healthy children of her own, my mother being the baby of the family. 

Though I wasn't especially close with my grandmother due to geography and a nearly three generation gap, I retain many fond memories of her. One such memory, I was recently able to pass on to my daughter Vanessa recently.

As cruel fate would have it, the week of our launch two of my daughters contracted strep throat, an illness I suffered through repeatedly as a child until finally having my tonsils removed in the fourth grade. But multitasking is what we mamas do best, praying the pain away, and soothing our sweethearts' comes naturally.

Strep throat is no fun. Fever, achy bones, ridiculously sore throat, and often nausea. My little cherub Vanessa had all of the above, as well as a loss of appetite. When she finally came down stairs slightly hungry, but still a bit queasy, I knew just the thing to do. Ginger Ale float. I know, it sounds a little crazy, ok, maybe a lot crazy. But when I was a little girl visiting my grandparents and I had an upset stomach, that was the prescription my grandmother ordered. 

So after a trip to the pharmacy, it was a stop at the local convenient store for some vanilla ice cream and ginger ale. She was a bit nervous, looking at my foamy concoction, but once sampled, it was a hit!

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