when the red flag goes down...

Poésie Tissée's first release of American made woven wraps should start being delivered today. As a small business owner who has poured her heart soul and life into a thing for close to a year, the anticipation is palpable.

I wish I could have a camera crew posted at every customer's home to record the unveiling and opening of each parcel. The washing, drying and ironing of each yard of fabric, and (pause for effect), the maiden voyage of each wrap, caressing and carrying each child. But I can't. But I can imagine...

I can see it in my mind, as I have done many times before. The constant checking and tracking of the shipment's progress, the all too frequent glances at the time. When does the mailman go by again? What if the regular guy is on vacation? Do I have time to run to the grocery store before he/she goes by?

And then finally, the day goes on, and the hustle and bustle of life carry us away from our musings to the present task at hand, whether it be in a cubicle at work, or wiping noses and buts. 

And then, between cup number two and three, as we find a moment to sit down, (or when we arrive home from work), we breathe, and remember, and look.

The flag is down.

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April 16, 2014

Such a sweet blog.You are gifted with words.Makes me want to find a baby to baby wrap. Good – luck,my friend. May you be comforted by your own words.


Numbers 11:23
Jeremiah 32:17

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