Fast Food

August 23rd, 2013

Dear Diary,

It's not what you think, I promise Diary. I have to drive for 30 minutes to the nearest McDonald's. But my family has been being served quite a few, what I would classify as, "fast food" suppers. 

You see, with Mommy working in the office and Daddy working in the fields, supper is more often waiting in the cupboard then the oven. Though I can't claim to have ever been a Betty Crocker, I do love to cook, (and eat), and my husband does work up quite an appetite in the summers tossing thousands of fifty pound hay bales this way and that, so I can cook up quite a storm when I want to. My spinach artichoke dip and Texas style chili are dern near famous in these parts.

Even today, on my birthday, the menu isn't all that special, (Yay, I'm another year older, and woot woot for 36!) But well, lately, our evening menus has been somewhat of an embarrassment. 

  • Cereal
  • Boxed Mac-n-Cheese and Hot dogs
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches
  • Take out Pizza
  • More Cereal, I had forgotten how much I love Lucky Charms, but I digress..
  • Hamburger helper
  • Frozen Chicken Fingers & French fries, baked of course, unless Bob is cooking, in which case, deep fried I'm ashamed to admit..
  • Breakfast for dinner, (pancakes and or french toast, with a side of bacon if they're lucky)
  • Yum, bacon....I'll stop here-

The balancing act a mother does, as she attempts to stylishly wear her many hats, does not always appear chic, let alone put together or even put on at times. 

Over the years, I've worn a myriad of hats, each has its benefits, each has its drawbacks. "Doing it all" is a myth, I hate that women in this society are told we CAN easily and flawlessly do and have it all.

When I work (I recently started my own business and take a class in Burlington 7.5 hours a week, not counting the commute and have 5 kids with a hubby working 80 hours a week), other things suffer. My house gets messy, 3 course meals turn into cereal, and a babysitter (or my teenager) has to watch the littles.

*Please be encouraged to know that mothers everywhere struggle with trying to find that magical and highly elusive balance, we just don't want to admit it.*

So I will. It's hard. Staying home is hard. Working is hard. School is hard. And so instead of advice I offer you all solidarity, and a bowl of Cookie Crisp, and if you're in Vermont, stop by the farm and I'll throw in some farm fresh BST-free milk!

PS Diary, 

Try carrying a 50 plus pound seven year old on your back, with a woven wrap, now THAT is a balancing act I can handle!


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Jackie M
Jackie M

May 14, 2014

Nancy you are awesome! Illmtakemyou up on that cookie crisp and farm fresh milk!
Hope to meet you sometime.

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