My Best Friend

May 5th, 2014

Dear Diary,

I have something pretty rare. My mother in law is my best friend and I am not ashamed to admit it. When I married her eldest son 11 years ago and moved down to the farm from the suburbs, it was quite a shock to my system. Let's just say that I didn't immediately, (or easily), take to the rural life.

I found myself isolated and feeling lonely. Making friends in a town with more Holsteins than humans, when you didn't grow up there can be a challenge. But what I would come to discover, was that I was not alone, not by a long shot. Because there was a woman who lived right across the street who knew exactly what it was like to be a young wife new to the farm, lonely for her husband working hard in the fields; my mother in law Joyce. 

We quickly developed a habit of having coffee and making trips over to the Fort Ti, NY Walmart together for groceries. Did I ever think I would take a ferry and drive another 30 minutes to buy groceries? No, but I enjoyed the company.

Over the last decade Joyce and I have continued to be best buds, though when her daughter Jaime moved to town, I will admit that I was a little jealous that I now had to "share" my mother in law. Don't worry, I got over it. I can't tell you how many meals or free-babysitting nights I've been given. Joyce is one of the most generous, loyal, and just plain fun people I know. And when I need a favor, I don't have to be shy in asking.

Last night I sent her a Facebook message asking if she would help me package up the large batch of American made baby wraps shipping out for the Mother's Day promotion. She asked me what time, but I forgot to respond. She was in my kitchen by 8:30am. 

We quickly developed a little system, and double and triple checked every package. What's more, is that we had the most adorable little helper! Little Beau would hand me a box to be weighed, and then bring each one back to "Meme Joyce". 

The three of us had a lot of fun, and a few maple candies here and there.

Thank you Joyce, for always being there for me.. 

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