Rainbow Dot Stickers

If you've received a Poe Wovens American made baby wrap in the last month or so, you may have noticed a colored dot sticker on the outside of your packaging. (Please do not be alarmed if multiple dot stickers are on your package, we double and triple check the wrap and to reduce waste reuse the clear bags whenever possible)

The dots, though little and seemingly insignificant, have been a huge help in helping the Poe family package up and ship the correct size and color wrap to the correct mama.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Pink: Accessories (head bands and other wrap scrap creations)
  • Coral: Scarves
  • Orange: Doll Wraps
  • Yellow: Size 2
  • Light Green: Size 3 
  • Dark Green: Size 4
  • Light Blue: Size 5
  • Dark Blue: Size 6
  • Purple: Size 7
  • Black: Seconds, returns, samples, etc.,

And there you have it; our rainbow stickers explained!



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