Bucket list just got a little shorter folks

Last spring my husband and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. I really wanted to celebrate by going up in a hot air balloon ride. 

Unfortunately, as it happens most summers, when married to a farmer, we couldn't find the time.

Then, last weekend an opportunity arose. And thanks to God Almighty (or Mother Nature, however you want to look at it), a high school classmate, Above Reality Inc, some nice people in Orwell, and my husband's dairy farm, we were able to make this country girls's dream come come true. It was beyond magnificent. I can't exactly find the right words to describe the whol experience. All I can say is thank you. 

  • Thank you God for the wind and weather report, though flawed, you allowed us to have the flight of a lifetime.
  • Thank you Jeff Snyder, Essex Junction High School classmate and hot air balloon pilot extroidenaire.
  • Thank you Above Reality Inc, for the enormous balloon that fit all of us inside!
  • Thank you Mike, the farmer in Fort Tigonderoga, New York who's field we litterally had no choice but to land in after traversing Lake Champlain.
  • Thank you Bob, and thank your father, grand father, great grand father and great-great grandfather as well, for keeping this dairy farm going through one economic down turn after another. Since 1842 you have been a part of this community, preserving and caring for the land, and bringing milk to market, helping to nurture America. (PS- if you happen to be a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream fan, some of our milk ends up in each pint, so eat up, and support local farmers!)
  • And I suppose, thank you cows.

And we intend to bring some of this experience to our customers in the worm of a woven baby wrap some day. How will creative director Jessica incorporate rolling hills and pastures from above? Stay tuned for an upcoming wrap design injected with 100% magestic beauty from above!


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June 05, 2014

I just posted a picture on my blog today that my children took of the hot air balloon when it was near our house last week. How funny was that for me to come on here today and see that it was you! :) Anyway that was neat! Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful place you all have.


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