A little bit of handwoven magic

June 17th, 2014

Dear Diary, 

Today we drove over the river and through the woods, around a mountian and down an interstate, then back up the mountain to visit Eaton Hill Textile Works

We needed to choose some weft colors, in person. Something I've learned along the way is that everyone's computer and or hand-held device screen does not depict colors the same way. Now, there *are* screen color callibration devices available, but nothing beats seeing something in real life, with your own two eyes. 

Here is my first (super advanced) Excel spread-sheet colorway "mock-up":

And here was the weavers first rendition of my mock-up, (with a variety of different wefts):

Next came my weft choices, hmm, how about some pale neutrals. Sounds reasonable. Sounds and looks are not the same.

So "Lilac Snow" wasn't having the effect I was hoping for on our maiden colorway, Norwich... 

Here is a Kate Smith, of Eaton Hill Textile Works, demonstrating the power of a weft to Creative Director Jessica Young and owner Nancy Sunderland:

We picked our wefts and decided to throw in some tail stripes, what the heck, let's make these handwoven works of art true one of a kind masterpieces!

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