Gateway Baby Carrier

When I was a week past my 22nd birthday I found myself 3000 miles from home, away from friends and family, on a Marine Corps base, with a newborn, every breastfeeding challenge in the book and an unsupportive (now ex) husband.

The next place I found myself was a medical supply and breast-pump retail and rental shop somewhere between Carlsbad and San Clemente, California. I was bound and determined to breast-feed this baby but desperately needed help. 

While renting my hospital grade Medala breast pump, (which was heavy as an anvil and looked like a generator for a small school by the way), I noticed some harness-style baby carriers hanging on a nearby display, (to find out which carrier it was, go here).

My sleep deprived, hormone raging, foggy minded, legging wearing self, saw nirvana in that slate-blue buckle contraption.

I could hold my baby close to me and be hands free?? What a magnificent invention this was, and why was I only just now being introduced to it?!?!


Four babies later, (YES, we know how that happens, and YES we have a TV), I was still head-over-heals in love with babywearing, but curious to see what else was out there. 

One day while scrolling through the latest Zulily bargains, I came across a stretchy wrap at half-off, (nice!). But, contrary to popular belief I did not take to this 7ish yard long piece of fabric as swimmingly as dirty fingers to a white (well, to a white anything really, fill in the blank) silk cushion.

I needed help. I called friends, watched YouTube videos and dragged it with me to MOPS meetings. But finally, with a little trial and error. I got it. I mean I really GOT IT.

And I loved it.

Wrapping was dreamy. There were no buckles or straps or do-dads or thing-a-ma-jigs, it was just a simple, (albeit long) piece of fabric with tapered ends. I wrap the baby, and within minutes he was sleeping, it was heavenly.

As a mother of five children, having my hands free to care for my other children, attend to simple household tasks, etc. was not only a luxury with a newborn in tow, but a necessity. 

But it was the organic, free-form, fluidity and ease of the wrap which captured my heart. There was just one problem. My little adorable ginger baby was not so much a little peanut of a newborn anymore, and it wasn’t March in New England anymore either. He was bigger and it was hotter. I didn’t want to give up my beloved wrapping, but was torn.

{Enter Danielle, a friend I’d met in cyber land via a birth group on Facebook} 

“Have you tried a woven wrap before Nancy??”

"Woven wraps? What the heck are those? And how can I get one (or ten…)?"

The baby (carrier) gate had been opened. You know you’re curious. You know you want to try one.

Get to know Poe.

Swing open the gates baby.


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