Pictured above, "Red Windsor Chair", by Tim Clark or Waltham, Vermont

June 28th, 2014

Dear Diary:

Today was a gorgeous sunny, Vermont summer, jam-packed, fun filled day! Two of my daughters and I headed East to hold a babywearing demonstration at Junebug Mother and Child.

Junebug Mother and Child is a non-profit children's resale store in Middlebury, Vermont. As a charitable organization, Junebug aims to benefit local families and young children. Proceeds are be donated to non-profit organizations that provide social services, education, or care for local kids and their families. I am both a customer and supplier to Junebug, often bringing my gently used kids clothing in for resale. 

Before the demonstarion got underway, my demo doll Randy began to steal the show. He was passed around from mother to mother. There was a symphony of oos and ahs as each cuddled little "Randy", my weighted demo doll. (Randy is often mistaken for a real baby, Pinochio would be jealous.) 

We demo'd three different carries; 

  1. Front Wrap Cross Carry (or FWCC), with Poe Woven's Greco Sage, in a size 6. 
  2. Ruck Sack Carry with a Tibetain Tie Finsh, AKA, Ruck TT, with Poe Wovens Harlequin Maïs, in a size 5.
  3. Rebozo Carry or simply "Rebozo", in Poe Wovens Harlequin Poire, in a size 2. 

And of course we had a little bit of fun on the way back to the car, sitting in the Tim Clark Windsor chair!

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