Log-rolling down the mountainside

July 6th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Grass stained knees and banana-legs, (what my childhood pediatrician referred to as bruised up shins), were pretty common growing up on the outskirts of a Vermont suburb, with a cinder-block laden backyard and an expansive wood-lot just beyond. Pictured above are a few of the grand-kids on one of the three or four cement patios at my folks' place. Seriously, growing up my yard was the concrete jungle of the neighborhood, shins beware.

I remember one of the most super fun things to do was to log roll down the hill in the front yard, (don't worry, we stopped long before the road, it was totally safe). Today I see my children log-rolling this way and that, and it brings an immediate smile to my face. 

This proverbial entrepreneurial roller-coaster that I've been on for over a year, *yay me*, has had me sprinting up hills, racing many a fleeting victory lap, and dashing to break through finish lines, only to find a barren wasteland, a mirage of an oasis...

I've tumbled down, fallen down, been knocked down, smacked down and had my breath taken away, and wind the wind taken out of my sails, (boy, it's a good thing I had that gorgeous wrap-scrap headband from Heather over at Wrap Scrap Creations to keep my hair from looking wind-blown!). 

But seriously, good times fade to bad times quicker than the blink of an eye in startup land. It's not for the faint of heart. One must have a strong will, nerves of steel, and skin as thick as or-thicker-than buffalo leather. I apologize for the reference for my vegan friends.

A startup is more than a company logo and a Facebook page. There is a person (or persons) behind each brand, and though they may be tough as nails, sweet as pie and a PR dream-boat, I promise you, promise--

That startup founder has feelings. Fears. Doubts. Panic attacks. Moments of depression, and one too many ounces of either chocolate or red wine in one sitting. Pick your poison I suppose, I love both, I may be doomed.

So I recently read a fabulous article detailing the throes of startup madness, please, if you have a minute, check it out! And bonus: the author's business has to do with SHOPPING! 

One has to be amenable to pivot in the face of adversity, to shift one's perspective, to adapt and overcome as my Marine Corps drill instructors used to say. To carry on.

To press through the pain yes, but also to admit that there is pain. That we are human. That I am human.

When a founders' business looks dire, their heart gets mulched like grass on my John Deere mower. And we certainly don't need mean-people, (or haters, or trolls, or whatever they are calling their kind now), attempting to tap-dance on anyone's tombstone before the grave has even been dug.

Since entrepreneurs are bound to tumble down the mountainside on occasion, I propose we log-roll instead. It's much more fun. 

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