9 Innovations People Wish Tech Startups Would Invent:

Disclaimer: I am not in the tech industry, I can't read or write html, and I only just recently learned the minute differences between an IMAP and POP email account, thank you GoDaddy support person for that enlightening tidbit.

Technology has come a long way, and most of the social media outlets are in-tune and on-time with updates, fixes and launches. But there are a few remaining areas of the tech world, which could stand a tweaking and or overheating of.

  1. A way to edit tweets, after said tweet has already been tweeted. (Say that 10 times fast!)
  2. A better auto-correct, there are entire websites dedicated to displaying the need for this. (See this one and this one for a few good laughs)
  3. Cyber-bullying tracking, reporting and deleting, even from closed groups or forums.
  4. Automatic screen resolution/color calibration, on any device. How many times have you ordered an article of clothing thinking it was ONE shade, only to have it arrive and be completely another?!?! I need Pantone to invade my laptop.
  5. Pinning to Pinterest directly from Facebook should be allowed. Just because.
  6. A heated mouse. It gets cold in Vermont and my home office gets quite chilly. Northerners and those with pool circulation get this one, trust me.
  7. A laptop and/or desktop that my two year old cannot disable, or otherwise render useless to me, (until I hire a computer repair person...), in three-to-five keystrokes, I mean seriously! Toddlers are devious. Mine is part Spider-man, part future-coder.
  8. An app-universalizer, (in this context, it's a word), so that no matter which phone or tablet you have, THE app that you MUST have WILL work with the respective device's operating system.
  9. Every cell phone should come waterproof and ruggedized, because, life happens, just yeah. And no one likes to be paying on an ___________ [fill in the blank expensive cell phone you didn' think you needed insurance on], for the next 13 months, after having dropped it in a puddle/toilet/dog-dish, days after getting it. #askmehowiknow

And there you have it, my top 9, (only slightly because I couldn't come up with 10), list for tech startups to get busy inventing and bringing to market!

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