Unsung Heroes: Danielle's Story

We hear too much negative in this day and age. To brighten your day, I've brought in a guest blogger. This story was first shared in a Facebook group called, "Everyday Babywearing", one truly welcoming and encouraging on-line babywearing community. The diligent admins do a phenomenal job of keeping the spirit of the group true, and the drama non-existent.

So, here is Poe Woven's very own seamstress and finisher extraordinaire, owner of The Fabric Orchard, and my personal friend, Danielle Madison.  

Danielle's Story:

"Today as I was driving into work I passed a woman walking on the main highway with a baby. Two years ago that was me walking on the same highway with a baby because my car had run out of gas and a kind stranger gave me a ride to a gas station.

So, I immediately turned around and gave her a ride into town. She told me she had forgot her stroller somewhere. When we got to where she asked me to drop her off I have her one of my ring slings and showed her how to wear her daughter. I hope she enjoys it as much I did."

*Do you have an inspiring babywearing story you would like to share with us? Contact Nancy for more information about being featured as one of our Unsung Heroes.


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