Slingin' It!

So we want a ring sling.

More specifically, we want a POE ring sling. My baby carrier designer and seamstress Danielle, loves ring slings, as do I. I find they are amazing for quick up and downs, and the learning curve is minimum - not to mention the lack of often cumbersome snaps, straps and buckles. Also interesting and pride inducing; the ring sling is a uniquely American baby carrier, invented right here on our own soil! Something I learned while training with The Center for Babywearing Studies.

So we began on our journey to create a Poe Ring Sling. This was very much a trial and error process. Our first prototypes had a few quirks to iron out to say the least! Finally we came up with a design we both tested ourselves (and loved!), so after some upcoming product review and testing is complete, Poe will release the first custom slots for our ring slings.

Below are our first three ring sling prototypes, (out of a total of seven or eight), which were crafted before arriving at our own unique Poe ring sling design. Not to worry, these will not go to waste, we will chop and retrofit these with our new shoulder design and they will be available for sale in the coming weeks. 


An intracal part of our research and product development our team of brand advocates and testers, who test, review and report on the slings. In addition to the reviews being posted in our Poe Precinct group, we ask our sling hosts and hostesses to make specific notes in a journal, which travels with the sling. We have found that this "guest book", if you will, helps us to maintain an ink-on-paper, record of our testers thoughts, better aiding and assisting us in improving our product. 

Why custom?

We have chosen a custom sling sales model, not only to lower inventory held on hand, but to allow further customization to the customer. For example, our slings will be available in three different lengths, small, medium and large, and two different shoulder widths; "B", average width, and "C", a wider shoulder. We will also have limited aluminum ring color choices available, as seen on Sling Rings.

So stay tuned for the Poe ring slings, and before too long, you can be slingin' it too! {Turn-around time is expected to be between 5 and 7 business days. Retail pricing model coming soon.}

*If you would like to follow along with us as we get back reviews and action shots of our testers making the rounds, please join us in Poe Precinct, where testers will be posting their reviews. 

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December 21, 2014

I bought one and I thuohgt it was going to take me forever to figure it out but it didn’t. So far I like it, but I would like to try a sling. I’m going to visit my family in Venezuela and I’m planning on taking the babycarrier instead of the stroller (mine is huge), It’s going to be just kung Fu Baby and me, so I need my two hands and want to have him close to me all the time. Let see how it goes. Thanks for sharing

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