TBW is BACK! Have Your Heard?

There once was an awesome website with a forum specifically geared to all things babywearing. That site, thebabywearer.com, was affectionately known by its acronym, TBW. Some found it difficult to get the hang of and preferred other social media outlets. Parent organization, Babywearing International helps to fund and manage this amazing resource and we are absolutely thrilled with the new and improved/overhauled site. TBW re-launched this past May, and the new site is highly functioning, attractive and streamlined. 

Unlike the plethora of babywearing pages and groups on Facebook, TBW forums are easily searchable and navigable even to the novice. They have oodles of great features that help New Members get accustomed to the site like abbreviations keys and buy-sell-trade board etiquette. Want a mentor to help you learn the ropes? They got that too. If you haven't checked out TBW, we highly recommend you do. 

One of my favorites features? The New Vendor Review Section. Here is where to leave reviews for Poe Wovens! (Read on below) 

"Review Forum - The new review forum replaces the old reviews system that was corrupted and lost in November 2013. It contains three review sections; Vendors Reviews, Carrier Reviews, Accessories and Services. All vendors have access to create a thread in these forums, which will then be available to the members to comment with their review on the thread. This section of TBW will be viewable without a TBW membership once opened." - Beth Rosa, Administrator, TheBabywearer.com & Board of Directors, Babywearing International 

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