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The brave new world of organic fibers

In the last few years people have become more and more aware of the impact their choices have on our environment. 'Organic' and 'sustainable' are not only words: it is the way we eat and live, and the way we bring up our children.

It is now time to go one step beyond and start re-thinking the way we dress and the textiles we use. Organic cotton is widely known, yet, it is not fully sustainable if we take a closer look at the way the organic cotton fibers are manufactured. Manufacturing organic cotton requires a huge amount of water: as high as 782 gallons per pound of fibers for Californian organic cotton. And also a lot of land: up to 3.5 acres for any ton.

Tencel® is the natural fiber of the future. It is manufactured by the Austrian company Lenzing and it is one step beyond organic cotton. It is produced from the eucalyptus trees, grown on farms.

As for the sustainability, its manufacture requires only 154.7 gallons of water for 1 pound of fiber, and it needs about half acre for any ton.

Furthermore, it is fully biodegradable: tests say it will take a maximum of six weeks for a Tencel® textile to dissolve.

But it is not interesting only for its sustainability. Also the peculiar characteristics of the Tencel® fiber are attractive, and make it a wonderful choice for children-related use.

It is particularly suitable for sensitive skin: the fiber is soft and smooth and it has great moisture absorption, 50% greater than cotton. This, together with its natural breathability, keeps the skin dry, avoiding rashes. The incredible moisture management of the fiber also makes Tencel® anti-bacterial.

So far it seems of course eco-friendly, sustainable and healthy... but beauty is also important!

And Tencel® is also beautiful to see and touch.

The fabric can be dyed to high quality standards, thanks to the fibers' absorbency. Also, it is extremely versatile: it can be modeled and manipulated as you wish, without fraying.

And even more importantly, particularly when talking about children, it is extremely durable and wrinkle-resistant.

Impossible? Yet, it exists.

It is a great choice for woven baby wraps. The babies will be lulled in a smooth and soft fabric, colorful and suitable for their sweet skin. Our first trial with Tencel® ? Herringbone Splendor, pictures and reviews coming soon!

And they will grow up in a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.

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Jenni L.
Jenni L.

January 20, 2015

Wow I had no idea it was made from eucalyptus and so much better from a green perspective!

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