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You are worth it! Share your passion and see it grow: Babywearing training honoring who you are, where you are, and where you want to go. Our course will give you the skills and support you need to help you start your amazing journey.

I had the pleasure of attending this course in January of 2014, it was fabulous experience and I received invaluable training, (and had tons of fun!) 

Join us for a Babywearing Consultant Certification Course hosted by Nova Natural Toys and Crafts, and Good Beginnings of Central VT Joanna McNeilly from the Center for Babywearing Studies is coming to Montpelier, VT for a 30-hour babywearing consultant certification course from May 11-14th. The class will be held at Good Beginnings of Central Vermont.

Contact Marissa of Nova Naturals for more information:

Certified Babywearing Consultant Training

For doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, lactation professionals,  nurses, doctors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, occupational  therapists, chiropractors, babywearing enthusiasts....and you!

*Approved for 23.5 Lamaze and DONA CEU’s 


This course will prepare the participant to be able to:

 • move away from seeing the carrier as just another product and focusing on  the practice of babywearing. 

• understand the history, current application of use, best methods of  teaching, the common errors and questions regarding carrier use. 

• see how baby carriers can be used to help facilitate Kangaroo care,  breastfeeding, secure attachment, as well as the mental and physical  development of the baby.  • incorporate this new knowledge into their current practice or begin a new  practice. 

• understand where the safety issues regarding baby carriers and their use  truly arise by delving into the CPSC incidence reports personally.


Learning Objectives:

After attending this training participants will be able to:
• recognize any carrier, regardless of brand, and teach proper use for both  newborn and older babies. 
• troubleshoot positioning and comfort related issues for both wearer and  baby, to help ensure a long lasting carrying relationship.
• understand how the baby carrier can help in the establishment and length  of the breastfeeding relationship.
• understand how Kangaroo Care (KC) can be facilitated by baby carrier use  and why KC is important to both the full-term/pre-term newborn & parents. • teach about the true safety concerns around baby carrier use and how to  avoid them.
• introduce new parents to the concept of carrying baby in a carrier that suits  their body and needs.
• understand the babies expectations at birth and how both KC and  babywearing helps to meet those expectations.
• understand how both KC and babywearing helps the new parent to develop  confidence and facilitates the secure attachment of baby and parent.

A few nitty gritty details:

 • This class has pre-work that will need to be read in advance of the first day.

• This class has home-work scheduled for each night of the training.

• This class has scheduled breaks so you may plan for nursing and child  interactions if needed.

• We reserve the right to cancel the class up to 10 days in advance, full  refunds if we cancel.

• We understand that things come up and that you may need to cancel. If you  cancel 2 weeks in advance of class you will get a full refund minus a $25.  processing fee. No cancelations with in 2 weeks of class, but you may  transfer your seat to someone else. There will be a $25 processing fee.

• if you need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, you  should contact us to schedule a conversation as soon as possible. During  the conversation we can discuss the course format, anticipate your needs  and explore potential accommodations.

About the Instructor, Joanna McNeilly

Joanna is mom to two fabulous kids and has been involved in the NY area  babywearing scene since 2004. Through her work at Metro Minis (2008-2011) and  her personal consultations over the years, Joanna has extensive experience working  with new parents. This mass hands-on experience provides Joanna with an in-depth  understanding of the true needs of both parents and those consultants who are  working with them. She recently returned from the United States Institute of  Kangaroo Care’s Annual Conference where she became a Certified Kangaroo Care  Specialist. 

*This program has been approved by Lamaze International for 23.5 Lamaze  contact hour (LIN 13-10). This hour may be applied towards recertification as an  LCCE educator under the learning competency of 2, 3, and 4. 

*SAVE THE DATE! MAY 11-14th!*

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