Happy 2nd Birthday Poe!

Two years ago I set out to create a small business producing classically designed, American Made woven baby carriers. As a mother of five children from toddler-hood to high school, and wife of a busy dairy farmer; my journey of entrepreneurship has not always been easy. In fact, it has yet to be as such. 

From the early stages of raising capital, product development, supply chain management, PR, customer service and social media --obstacles have crept up at every bend. Valleys have been traversed, lessons learned, humility gained, skin thickened. I am grateful to my military training and experience in the Marine Corps for seasoning me with toughness, to my amazing children for peppering me with patience, to my husband for his strong and silent support, and most of all, to God, for seeing me through each and every struggle. 

A year ago it looked like Poe Wovens might not survive another season. I had only one choice, to release the imagined grip of control I had on "the business" over to the man upstairs (in faith), and to trust. Entrepreneurship can lead one to a lonely yet crowded place. Only the tip of the ice burg of the dream has come to fruition, yet it is these little victories which sustain, motivate and inspire. 

What is on the horizon for Poe Wovens in the months to come?

  • Fabulous new luxe packaging
  • Video tutorials
  • More frequent re-stockings
  • Semi-custom (and exclusive) colorways for groups & boutiques
  • Design contest open to public
  • and much, much more!

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