a day in the life

7:03am - I woke this morning to a handsome three year old ginger haired boy named Beau grumpily declaring that he had to go pee. Never-mind the fact that he walked down a hallway, flight of stairs and past two bathrooms along the way. Ok babe, knock yourself out. What time is it anyway? (checks cell phone, battery is dead, hopes for the best)

7:42am - Next step, get the tot and myself dressed, make coffee and hop in the car. My eldest daughter is in summer school for driver's ed, of course it's a 24 minute drive with her behind the wheel dutifully doing the speed limit or 3 -5 below. 

8:50am - I'm home! Time to get to work, for all of us. I assign a couple simple chores for the kiddos: planting some flowers which had been marked "Free, take some!", at our local CSA farm share pick-up. Hubby drops toddler off at Meme's house.

9:30am - Work, work, work in my little home office off the living room: some fun and exciting tasks like choosing colorways, packing a few orders with daughter, some not so fun items like paying bills, filing paperwork, and placing vendor orders.

11:00am - Grandma arrives to help with the kids, hurrah! Be back soon mom. Pick up teenager from drivers ed,  please please please can we drive boyfriend home from his lifeguard job, sure why not.  Car needs gas, you're paying. Run a few more errands; drop off fabric to seamstress, bank, post office, corner store..

1:30pm - Quick (and late) lunch then change into farm clothes. Chopping first cut is done and it's time to cover the pile, AKA, throwing yucky nasty sludgey water filled tires over feed bunk tarp before rain comes. All hands on deck, quit you're whining. 

4:15pm - Pile is covered, it started to rain, family is filthy. Home to shower and wash clothes. 

4:45pm - Dinner with husband and family before he has to go back to barn to milk cows. 









5:30pm - Rain cleared. Must cool off in the pool.  

The rest is blurry. Somewhere in there I shut down the laptop, closed the office door. We spent time together as a family, got some work done, and likely even burned some calories. Nothing glamorous here on the farm .

9:30pm - "Time for bed kids!!" PJs on, brush teeth, kiss kiss, prayers, lights out. Want to watch a show on Netflix honey? Sure ok. He's snoring after 6 minutes. Typical. 

10:40pm - Bedtime for mom & dad.

Thankful for the chance to work from home, to be close to family, to spread the babywearing love with our wraps and slings. What did you do today? How do balance your many obligations, please share with us!



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