Poésie Tissée is born

“We are the windows through which our children first see the world. Let us be conscious of the view.”

Katrina Kenison, Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry

As a mother of five, I have learned that to be efficient and productive, I need to use all of the resources available. Whether it’s buying in bulk at Costco or delegating chores, I have to make the most of things. Of every baby product I've had the pleasure (or misfortune) of trying, the woven wrap has proven the most versatile and useful.

I started using baby carriers, or "babywearing", way back in 1999, shortly after the birth of my eldest daughter. I am not ashamed to admit that I started with a harness style carrier called the Bjorn, steely grey with pinstripes and toggle closures. But of all of carriers I have tried, the woven wrap has most certainly stolen my heart.

“Carrying a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can enjoy.” -- Jayne Mansfield

The fabric a s beautiful; the patterns, fabric blends and different weights. There was so much room for creativity, personalization, customization, etc, the possibilities were endless! Each and every single factor that gets woven into a baby wrap plays in intercal role in what it’s wrapping qualities will be. Will the wrap be supportive, moldable, stretchy, responsive. Will it have nice drape, what will the texture be? Will the passes glide smoothly one over  the other when wrapping? Will there be enough grip to hold a slip knot in  a rebozo carry?

I became a local babywearing group co-facilitator, and later tried my hand on the retail end of the babywearing business. And so the journey began to create Poésie Tissée began. The starting off point was of course to choose a name.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet."

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

I grew up in a bilingual home, the daughter of French-Canadian immigrants. As a child I took for granted the ability to speak two language - until I began taking French in school. Then I was very, very grateful! So I knew that I wanted to incorporate an ode to my French heritage in the name of my new company.

As a student I excelled at the written word - specifically poetry. I fell in love with  Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein and just about every single Robert Frost poem I read. I became a prolific poet and used writing as an escape. Over time my “Dear Diary” entries morphed into prose; and rhythmic verses with stanzas, beat and meter. Poetry gave a voice to my feelings and emotions. My collection currently sits around 2500 or so. In high school,  even wrote some sonnets in French.

And so back to the name. A Brooklyn, New York handweaver calls her work Fiber Dance Weaving Studio, and describes it, in the words of Jean Elizabeth Poli, as "the graceful motion of feet waltzing barefoot on treadles, accompanied by the steady rhythm of hands beating the weft... this is the Fiber Dance.”  With this inspiration, the words began to crystalize in my mind.

  • I am a poet.

  • I love of woven wraps and carrying my children in them.

  • The art and beauty of weaving is mesmerizing, on a hand or mechanized loom.

  • The possibilities and forms of both writing poetry and weaving a wrap are complex, endless, and beautiful.

Voila, Poésie Tissée.


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Jennifer Steinle
Jennifer Steinle

August 09, 2013

I have recently become a stay at home mom, I have two young sons and am so grateful that babywearing was introduced to me when my youngest was born. (He’s 4 months old) I loved reading your Bio and can’t wait to see your collections. Best of Luck!

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