Networking is Fun!


Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a local farmer's market, babywearing meet-up, and even a French Heritage Festival with four of my five children! What a wonderful time was had by all. Who would have thought that doing a little market research and networking could be so fun?

At our babywearing meet-up I got to teach a fellow wrapping mama a reinforced ruck carry and she got to try out a 100% linen wrap I had brought along. I love helping moms with anything and everything babywearing. I feel honored to be able to help mom's carry their babies close to them safely comfortably.

The Shelburne Farmer's Market was the perfect setting for us. There were plenty of treats and crafts for all ages, sunshine, shade by the trees, and that good old fashioned Vermont charm. We got to sample home-made organic granola, cookies, strawberry shortcake biscuits, chagga chai tea, and fresh squeezed lemonade!

As a bonus, I was able to connect with a local Vermont maple syrup producer about making our "kiss" shaped maple candies! The highlight for my children was a tie between the maple candy and the live accordion player playing "Allouette" (a traditional French Canadian folk song I can remember singing with my family as a young girl in Quebec)! 

Down at Vergennes French Heritage Day I got to practice a bit of my French with fellow francophones purusing the grounds and vendors behind the booths. I am pleased to report that everyone was impressed with my french vocabulary and pronunciation! I have my wonderful parents, our many trips to Quebec, Canada over the years and my children's French Au Pairs to thank for that!

Some of the activities at the festival included:

  • Franco-American music including Va et Vient and Gitane in concert!  
  • French Canadian fiddling and Indian storytelling
  • French response songs
  • Step-dancing
  • Re-enactors
  • French food (Crepes from The Skinny Pancake are my favorite!)
  • Antique vehicles and engines (I was sure to take pictures of the chainsaws for my father!)
  • Traditional craft demonstrations, such as my personal favorite; spinning wool into yarn on an antique spinning wheel!
  • Fencing demonstrations
  • Exhibits from local artisans such as quilts, crocheted teddy bears (which my children talked me into buying for them), and greeting cards
  • Hands-on fun such as churning ice cream, pumping water, old time games, horse and carriage rides, 
  • French Canadian Genealogical Society will help you trace your roots
  • Children’s educational activities including Les Chapeaux Puppet Theater, face painting, a coloring station and book reading
  • Waiter’s Race for professionals and non-professionals of all ages. 
  • Narrated English and French historical walking tour with “le Comte de Vergennes” 

So if you happen to be near Addison County in mid July, I encourage you to stop by this culturally rich, wonderfully delicious, quaint and entertaining festival.

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