Guest Blog Post: Poe Wovens Jonquils Aurora Ring Sling Review

At first glance, it sure does catch your eye. The shimmer and shine with all the sunset-like colors just blend and mix to make something to unique!
I had a hard time staying focused in church when I had the  traveling wrap on the seat next to me, I kept finding another shade or hue of color that I hadn’t seen before.
I was so sad when it had to move on to the next tester. Now that we have the ring sling (which is reversible! so awesome!) I can choose the “right “ side which is mostly blue or the “wrong” side which has more of the orange/pink/sunset in Maui color scheme.  Husband friendly colors as well, especially blue (right) side out!  
The slings come with a wide gathered shoulder which is my absolute favorite. I can make it cap my shoulder for extra comfort or I can scrunch it up more on top if I need more range of motion in my right arm. The wrap is well hemmed and the stitching looks great. There is a great diagonal stretch (but not too much) to it that makes it not so stiff and rigid on my shoulder. I’ve so far been very impressed with how long I can wear my big little guy (7 months and 20 lbs) in it with no discomfort when usually ring slings are a no-go for me at this weight already.

Jonquils has just enough cush in the weave to keep me comfy without bouncing around too much. It isn’t thick and has been the only thing I’ve been grabbing this summer due to the extreme Texas heat and humidity. I can flip up the tail for some added sun shade as well if I need to. I love the texture and feel of the “wrong side out.”

This has been our go to car carrier for awhile now. It’s just so fast and easy to get on and off. I admittedly have hated ring slings in the past but I find myself reaching for my Jonquils on a daily basis. I am a busy mom to 4 and when we go out and about I don’t have time to fix and adjust and fidget with something fussy in a parking lot. I slip my sling on, slide him in, couple quick tugs to adjust , and we are good to go! It’s gotten really soft with all the wear as well. I am constantly getting compliments  on it and have found myself able to easily recommend Poe slings to mommies I meet. The price point couldn’t be better. All in all, a very well made, easily recommended, quality sling for a great price made in the USA. What could be better?

Molly is mother to four children and avid babywearer.  As Poe Brand Ambassador Molly is active in our chatter group Poe Precinct on Facebook.   

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