Guest Blog Post: Poe Wovens Kerchief Petunia Ring Sling Review

I just want to start with, I am so excited to talk about Kerchief Peony! Rumors and teasers of a classic kerchief inspired design started surfacing a little over a year ago and since that time I have been on a mission to have a little piece of it for myself and now that I have it I want you all to try it as well.

The color and pattern is undeniable--it is vibrant and electric, and shimmers in the light thanks to the two stands of pink used to create this masterpiece. This is a mature pink that stands on its own instead of being a “girl version” for the Navy Kerchief.  I think it is important to note that because often we see pink items and immediately think dainty, feminine, and mild whereas this ring sling is no shrinking violet—err Peony.  Looks can be deceiving, those lush folds and beautiful pattern, I have people asking all the time if it is “sturdy” and “toddler worthy” and let me tell you this beauty is a workhorse and your wearee will tire long before Peony does. I have worn Apol for hours in this ring sling, all 24 wiggly pounds of her--which is not something I can do in just any ring sling.  Poe Wovens is mom owned and run, I have to imagine that that has a lot to do with how well this ring sling performs. A just knows, ya’ know?

Technical specs for Peony boast 100% mercerized cotton and a weight of 285 grams. I for one love merc cotton, I find that it is soft and moldable without being saggy or digging into my shoulders. In my experience I have found merc cotton to be easier to work with in terms of wrapping and holding a pass so I was not surprised that this ring sling once adjusted with Apol nestled in, needed no adjustments for as long as I wore her. There was no slipping at the shoulder or the rings.  I’d call the weave medium weight in the hand and fresh out of the package was a bit stiff, but with a wash and baby snuggle session softened up considerably. By nature of the jacquard technique used in this design it does have some surprising stretch and bounce to it. I love how it hugs Apol as I wear her, I feel she is supported and secure and she enjoys being able to freely and causally enjoy an arms out adventure just as much as borrowing down for a nap. 

For me this ring sling has it all; gorgeous color, the stamina to keep up with me, comfort and softness, a local to me made product that I can feel good about and a carrier that allows me conquer the world (or shopping list) with my sweet Apol by my side. Poe Wovens really is poetry in motion and Kerchief Peony really is that good.


Caitlin is a Vermont resident, babywearing enthusiast, and breastfeeding activist.  She is an active reader and positive force in the babywearing community.  

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