Harlequin Neige

Harlequin Neige

Harlequin Neige, a colorway named after snow. What better substance to name a Vermont woven wrap after than snow. After all, snow is quite plentiful here in the Green Mountain state, has been written about melodiously by Vermont poets such as Robert Frost, and in fact, the first snowflakes were photographed by, you guessed it, a Vermonter, (Snowflake Bentley).

Neige is our first wrap using an Egyptian mercerized cotton in the weft. This lustrous yarn adds a sheen, give and drape unlike the 100% natural cotton used in the warp. But it also takes something away, weight. Neige is a slightly lighter weight fabric than Chic for example, which does not have the mercerized weft. Early testers are reporting back to us that Neige is dreamy to wrap with. To quote one such lovely lady, "It is super comfy! Even in a sloppy wrap job!"

Neige is woven with a 100% natural cotton warp and an ecru 100% Egyptian mercerized cotton weft.

Fabric weight: 280 g/m2 (a slightly lighter weight version than our early prototypes)

This wrap is suitable for babies and toddlers of all sizes. Soft and moldable right out of the bag. The wrap is woven in a dense weave but it is still light in hand, with a slightly more delicate feel than its colored Harlequin counterparts. The dense nature of weave the yields effortlessly gliding passes and the Egyptian mercerized cotton produces amazing stretch and give, allowing for a perfectly customized, molded to your body, ace bandage feel every time. 

Moving onto color. This colorway is lustrous. Not a pure white by any stretch of the imagination, but not enough warmth to say it has a yellow undertone. This quote on the color, from another of our early testers, "... more creamy oatmeal colored then Pamir." This wrap is elegance defined, and dresses up any ensemble. (I may have to keep a size 2 for myself to have for rebozo carries in church and summer weddings!)

Please be sure to review safety guidelines and instructions. Also, wraps will arrive in "loom state", and as such, we recommend that you wash before use as follows:

  • Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water, with a liquid detergent 
  • Tumble dry on low, (I like to to add wool dryer or tennis balls, but they are not necessary)
  • Finish with a steam iron on the cotton setting before use

Wraps will be packaged in our lovely, Vermont-made hemp blend bags, with locally embroidered logo, and a Vermont Maple Candy from Sugar Tree Maple Farm will also be included with each purchase!

har·le·quin  [hahr-luh-kwin, -kin]  

A harlequin pattern is a repeating pattern of contrasting diamonds or elongated squares standing on end. A comic, ballet or pantomime character from the Commedia dell'Arte and harlequinade. 

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