Honeycomb Riverbank *Prototypes*

Warp and Weft: 100% Grown & Spun in USA Cotton

Approximate Weight: ~ 310 g/m2

Width: ~ 68cm

Length: ~ 6m

Ends: Blunt, no tapers. 

Honeycomb Riverbank is suitable for babies and toddlers 12 pounds and up, but shines in the 20-35 pound range. The weave is you guessed it, a "honeycomb" weave and thus very textural. Honeycomb's weave lends to the wrap's amazing coolness of touch and breathability despite its heft. 

Please be sure to review safety guidelines and instructions. Honeycomb Riverbank was pre-washed in lavender scented Eucalan fine fabric wash prior to finishing. Though the scent is very mild, (if you have a sensitivity to lavender), we recommend re-washing upon its arrival as follows:

  • Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water, with a liquid detergent 
  • Tumble dry on low, (I like to to add wool dryer or tennis balls, but they are not necessary)
  • Finish with a steam iron on the cotton setting before use if desired

Honeycomb, will be packaged in our lovely, a rustic cinch-close burlap bag. Also included with your purchase will be a  locally printed full color brochure and instruction manual, product registration form and Vermont Maple Candy from  Sugar Tree Maple Farm!

Quantity available: 2 of 2, size Large.


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