Kaleidoscope Thérèse

Warp and Weft: 100% Cotton

Approximate Weight: 285 g/m2

Kaleidoscope  Thérèse is not your average baby wrap. No, this beauty is unique. Kaleidoscope is a double-cloth or double-weave, (not double-faced). Though the weight of the fabric is medium-heavy, it wraps beautifully, suitable to carry babies of all ages and stages.  

A multi-color warp and varied texture create fabulous look. The classic circular pattern and block stripes on the other combine for a striking look, yet the colors, (blue, teal, pale gold), are muted just enough not to be jarring to the eye.

Kaleidoscope represents our maiden release from the second American Textile Mill Poe Wovens sources from. Each textile mill has their own unique warping, looms, and finishing processes. We are thrilled to bring you woven baby wraps and slings from this mill, which specializes in not only intricate weaves, but doubles as a design studio. The combination of the two fields is a fruition of both exquisite design and flawless function.

One unique quality this mill offers is their finishing. Poe wraps from this mill will arrive ready to wear. The process is essentially a warm soaking of water to remove excess sizing put on during weaving, and to then set the fabric with high levels of heat. This in turn will make the fabric softer and more durable for end uses.

Your Poe will arrive lovingly packaged in a hand-made hemp blend tote and Vermont maple candy.

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Origin of Design: Private Textile Designer, machine woven at "Mill B", of North Carolina exclusively for Poe

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