Norwich (Handwoven One-Offs)

Norwich by Eaton Hill Textile Works  

  • Warp and Weft: 100% Cotton. Four Wefts: Jubilee, (orange weft), and Ambrosia, (pink weft), Glorious, (turquoise weft), and Hallelujah, (green weft), Varied Color Weft.
  • Approximate Weight: 335 g/m2
  • Wrap Width: approximately 30" or 70cm
  • Wrap Finish: blunt, hemmed ends (no tapers), and unhemmed, natural selvedges. 
  • Date of Weaving Date: July 2014
  • Warp Length: ~ 20 yards, yielding four unique wraps
  • Cost: $105 USD per meter

Weaving is nothing new up on Eaton Hill, but baby wraps are indeed a new venture, and offering handwoven, (in our home-state of Vermont), most certainly is new for Poe!

Our first collaboration was named Norwich after the antique pattern book, which inspired the stripe. Wanting to take a departure from the "grads", or graduation and ombre-esque stripes common in the handwoven babywearing world, we opted to design a wrap with a more classic stripe.

Both color and scale were adapted into a modern interpretation of the 17th and 18th century stripe patterns of olde. Though each color present in the warp may have its roots in the past, daring combination present in Norwich is far from olde-fashioned! A little bit brighter, and a little bit bolder, Norwich takes a modern twist on a piece of early American textile history, injecting an aura of fun and whimsy.

Below is a little bit of the weaving in action: 


*Norwich Jubilee is our designated "tester" and will be traveling around the country (and perhaps beyond), getting reviewed along the way. Check back often for more Norwich reviews!

More on Eaton Hill:

Eaton Hill Textile Works is a small textile mill in central Vermont that preserves age old textile techniques and honors superior craftsmanship, using 200 year old New England made hand looms. It is also home to the Marshfield School of Weaving. Poe baby wraps will be woven by only one of two designated weavers, thus maintaining consistency. 

These are no ordinary baby wraps. Each one is instantly an heirloom, a unique piece of art, destined to snuggle your dear one sweetly for years to come, and for generations to come.   

Each Eaton Hill Collection Wrap, will be packaged in our lovely, a rustic cinch-close burlap bag. Also included with your purchase will be a locally printed full color brochure and instruction manual, product registration form and Vermont Maple Candy from Sugar Tree Maple Farm!

Origin of Design: Colorway designed in-house by Poe Wovens. Classic twill weave. Warp adapted by master weavers at Eaton Hill Textile Works Lynette and Kate. 100% Made in Vermont. 

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