Greco Sage

"Children are the anchors of a mother's life."
-Sophocles, (Greek Poet between 496 BC - 406 BC) 

Greco Sage

Warp and Weft: 100% Cotton 
Approximate Weight: 225 g/m2

Greco Sage is a handsome American Made Woven Baby Sling, a medium thin and suitable to carry babies of all ages and stages.  

The green of a Vermont forest meets the straight lines of a Grecian maze. A blend of the wild and the man-made, of the natural and formal. Greco is a classic take on a meander or meandros, woven in a light, airy weave, perfectly suited for summer. 

Greco Sage is our second release from the second American Textile Mill Poe Wovens sources from. Each textile mill has their own unique warping, looms, and finishing processes. We are thrilled to bring you woven baby wraps and slings from this mill, which specializes in not only intricate weaves, but doubles as a design studio. The combination of the two fields yield a fruition of exquisite design and flawless function.

One unique quality this mill offers is their finishing. Poe wraps from this mill will arrive ready to wear. The process is essentially a warm soaking of water to remove excess sizing put on during weaving, and to then set the fabric with high levels of heat. This in turn will make the fabric softer and more durable for end uses.

Please be sure to review safety guidelines and instructions. Also, slings will arrive in "loom state", and as such, we recommend that you wash before use as follows: 

  • Un-thread ring sling
  • Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water, (separately), with a liquid detergent (avoid bleach and optical brighteners)
  • Tumble dry on low, (consider adding wool dryer or tennis balls, but they are not necessary)
  • Finish with a steam iron to regain shape before use
  • Approx. 10% shrinkage is customary

Your Poe will arrive lovingly packaged and include hand-made Vermont maple candy!

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