Harlequin Chic

Harlequin Chic 

Chic represents the first Poe Wovens colorway and baby wrap. Black and white, classic, elegant and striking yet edgy and and mod all at he same time. The original harlequin. A geometric motif plucked from the fashion world and brought to life in a new woven medium. 

This wrap is suitable for babies and toddlers of all sizes. The wrap is woven in a dense weave but it is still light in hand. The dense weave means that you do not need to worry about rings and things catching on strings and "pulling" a yarn out of place on your wrap. As you are wrapping, the fabric passes glide smoothly, and there is not excessive texture to impede the wrap from gliding over itself. The combination of support with the 100% cotton yarns, which soften with use equate to a work-horse baby wrap, both utilitarian and beautiful! 

Chic is woven with a 100% natural cotton warp and a 100% cotton ebony black weft.  

Fabric weight: 285 g/m2 (a slightly lighter weight version than our early prototypes)

Here is an excerpt from one of our Chic testers , "HC is a dense weave wrap, slightly grippy but not overly so, with a nice stretch than make tightening passes easy to do. I like the "heaviness" of the wrap, though by no means would I describe it as beastly. On the contrary, it is quite moldable though it still has some breaking in to do."

Please be sure to review safety guidelines and instructions. Also, wraps will arrive in "loom state", and as such, we recommend that you wash before use as follows:

  • Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water, with a liquid detergent 
  • Tumble dry on low, (I like to to add wool dryer or tennis balls, but they are not necessary)
  • Finish with a steam iron on the cotton setting before use

Wraps will be packaged in our lovely, Vermont-made hemp blend bagswith locally embroidered logo, and a Vermont Maple Candy from Sugar Tree Maple Farm will also be included with each purchase! 

har·le·quin  [hahr-luh-kwin, -kin]  

A harlequin pattern is a repeating pattern of contrasting diamonds or elongated squares standing on end. A comic, ballet or pantomime character from the Commedia dell'Arte and harlequinade. 

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