Recon Carbon

Warp: 100% Mercerized Cotton

Weft: 50% Combed Cotton, 50% Mercerized Cotton.

Recon is a very special design close to the hearts of Poe Wovens, as a Marine Corps Veteran owned business. Since the beginning we have wanted to create a series of designs paying homage to the military.

This specific digital camouflage pattern is a unique to Poe, and while the name be associated with a particular segment of one branch of the US military, it remains a creative interpretation of military motifs, as opposed to a copy of one uniform or another. 

It is a light to medium weight wrap and suitable to carry babies of all ages and stages. Recon is an American Made Woven Baby Wrap, woven in one of our East Coast textile mills, finished in New England. It is a light to medium-weight wrap and is suitable to carry babies of all ages and stages. 

Recon boasts an urban and modern vibe attractive to today's parents and caregivers. There is no need to sacrifice style for comfort and utility with Poe.

The weave structure and weight of Recon lend to its light, and airy feel. Properties ideally suited for warmer temperatures. We have carefully selected the weight and fiber treatment of each yarn in Recon. After more than half a dozen weave trials we finally landed on the 100% mercerized cotton warp and pick-on-pick weft of mercerized and combed cotton. 

The mercerized cotton brings strength, depth of color, and sheen, while the combed cotton brings support and softness. The combination we felt was perfect. Though the weave of Recon is quite breathable and light, the wrap is surprisingly quite a work-horse, and resistant to fabric pulls.

Please be sure to review safety guidelines and instructions. Also, slings will arrive in "loom state", and as such, we recommend that you wash before use as follows:

  • Un-thread ring sling
  • Wash on the gentle cycle in cold water, (separately), with a liquid detergent (avoid bleach and optical brighteners)
  • Tumble dry on low, (consider adding wool dryer or tennis balls, but they are not necessary)
  • Finish with a steam iron to regain shape before use
  • Approx. 10% shrinkage is customary

Your Poe will arrive lovingly packaged and include hand-made Vermont maple candy!

*Discounts not valid on sale items. All sales final*

*Maple Candy: 100% Vermont Maple Syrup, not suitable for children under three.

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