Founded July 2013 in a petite home office nestled in bucolic Champlain Valley on Rolling Acres Farm, overlooking cornfields, and the sprawling Adirondack Mountains... 

Mission Statement:

"To produce exquisite quality woven baby slings in stunning designs, from natural and sustainable fibers, without compromising social or environmental consciousness, while supporting the local economy, providing excellent customer service and promoting safe babywearing practices."

Meet Our Team!

Founder and Creative Director

Entrepreneur, USMC Veteran, mother of five, Burlington Vermont Moms Blog contributing writer, Vermont Dairy Farmer's Wife & Certified Babywearing Consultant. "I wanted to bring the textile industry back to Vermont a little bit at a time [and] I wanted to do my part to spread the babywearing love, specifically the love of woven wraps.” -- Nancy in interview from Savvy Everyday 

Customer Service Representative & Database Manager

New to Vermont, but not new to customer service, Kiersten brings experience, stability and a lovely smile to the team! "I am married to my wonderful husband Travis, who is a Pastor at a small country church in VT, and this past January we had our first child, a daughter named Evangeline. She keeps me busy, but I am excited to also be working with Poe Wovens in this capacity."

Textile Designer

Graphic Designer | Textile CAD Designer and Consultant. Graphic Design, Typography, Innovation.

Carrier Designer & Lead Seamstress.

Seamstress, Designer, Media Services Technician, Entrepreneur, Fabric Lover, Quilter.