Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: When was Poe Wovens founded? (A) July 3rd, 2013.

  2. Q: Who owns and operates Poe Wovens? (A) Nancy Sunderland, is currently the sole owner of Poe Wovens, LLC.

  3. Q: What was the original name of Poe Wovens? (A) Poésie Tissée was the original name of the company, which means woven poetry in French. The name and logo was changed to Poe Wovens in May of 2014.

  4. Q: Where does the French influence come from? (A) Sunderland's parents are immigrants to the United States from French Speaking Québec, Canada. As such, Sunderland and her two siblings grew up bilingual.

  5. Q: Where is Poe Wovens Headquartered? (A) Poe is currently headquartered in Bridport, Vermont. 

  6. Q: Where are Poe Wovens wraps and slings woven? (A) Fabric for Poe Wovens baby wraps and slings are all currently woven in the United States of America at one of five different textile mills including, Eaton Hill Textile Works of Vermont.

  7. Q: Where are Poe Wovens wraps cut, sewn and finished? (A) The first release of Poe Wovens wraps, (Harlequin), was finished in North Carolina by a subsidiary of of our textile mill. Subsequent releases were cut at Vermont Bosna Cutting of Winooski, Vermont. Some prototypes were cut and finished at The Fabric Orchard of New Haven, Vermont, which is owned and operated by Danielle Madison. Moving forward, we have begun a working with a larger capacity cut and sew facility within New England. 

  8. Q: Who designs Poe Wovens wraps and slings? (A) Poe utilizes a myriad of textile and graphic designers. Over 60 years of graphic and textile design are represented in the distinguished Poe Wovens design team. Each of the artists bring a unique and seasoned perspective to the team. The result is synergistic and fabulous design; always on trend, never trendy. 

  9. Q: Similarly, does Poe Wovens offer custom woven wrap designs for groups and stores? (A) Poe Wovens does not currently offer a custom design option, however, we do offer our retailers exclusive distribution rights on select colorways from our Signature Collection. 

  10. Q: Who do you donate to each year? (A) Poe plans to donate 10% from Net Profits once every fiscal year to a variety of non-profit organizations. Additionally, we donate baby carriers throughout the year to local lending libraries and BWI Chapters. The following not an exhaustive list of potential donation recipients, but we are always open to helping new charities, (Please email us to have your organization considered): Exodus Cry, Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, Women's Small Business ProgramTeen ChallengeRuckabye BabyThe Carrying On ProjectWounded Warrior ProjectGrace After FireThe A21 Campaign, 3.21 Carry, Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center, and the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. Additionally, in 2015 we launched our "Sponsor a Sling" program. 

  11. Q: Why the focus on Veteran's charities? (A) Owner, Sunderland served active duty in the Marine Corp as a truck driver, vehicle dispatcher and in the Adjutant's office as a legal clerk and executive assistant between 1995 and was honorably discharged in 1999. Semper Fi.

  12. Q: What organizations is Poe Wovens, LLC officially associated with or a member of? (A) Poe Wovens is an active member of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association and the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. Additionally, Poe owner, Sunderland, is a contributing writer for the Burlington Vermont Moms Blog

  13. Q: Are you still seeking guest contributors for your "Babywearing Made Beautiful" campaign? (A) YES, yes, and yes! Here is a link to the form!

  14. Q: How can I test one of your wraps or slings? (A) Easy, simply fill out This Form!

  15. Q: Does Poe Wovens have a chatter/fan group on Facebook? (A) We sure do, join the Poe Precinct today!

  16. Q: Who painted that amazing picture and is where is that!?! (A) Bridport, Vermont resident, artist and graphic designer & owner of CPC Art & Design, Clair Claymen Geer, painted the above picture. {It is of Bob and Nancy Sunderland's home on Rolling Acres Farm, also in Bridport, Vermont.} 
  17. Q: I have a question I don't see an answer for. (A) No problem, just email us at and we'll do our best to answer your question.