Mission Statement


Mission Statement:

"To produce exquisite quality woven baby wraps in stunning designs, from natural and sustainable fibers, without compromising social or environmental consciousness, while supporting the local economy, providing excellent customer service and promoting safe babywearing practices."

Our mission, (as a female, veteran owned small business), includes the following goals and values:

  • To produce exquisite quality woven baby wraps in stunning designs and natural, from natural and sustainable fibers.
  • To provide outstanding customer service at every stage of the buying process. 
  • To be socially responsible and give back to the community by being an active member of The Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, and by supporting various non-profit organizations that reach out to women, mothers/caregivers, babywearers and/or veterans by donating to such organizations as March of Dimes, The National Fatherhood Initiative® Ruckabye BabyWounded Warrior Project, and Grace After Fire.  
  • To care for and treat our employees, business partners, and customers as we would want them to treat us; with the utmost kindness and dignity, to demonstrate ethical behavior in our conduct and business practices
  • To support the local economy by having as many pieces of the production puzzle, (including labor), sourced in or around Vermont.
  • To adopt environmental business practices that are sustainable as well as profitable, which enables Poe Wovens customers to shop in keeping with their values.
  • To promote the art and act of babywearing here in the United States and abroad, focusing on mainstreaming the practice, as well as promoting proper instruction for SAFE babywearing.